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Back in the Day

While looking at a frame catalogue from the early 70’s, I was reminded how much things have changed. Frames at that time may have come in about 4 lens sizes, 3 or 4 bridge sizes and temples (the part that goes behind your ear) came in about 4 sizes. Frames were generally available in about 5 colours. Gold frames were gold filled. Now they are just gold plated.

Contrast that to today, most frames are generally available in one size only. There are a few exceptions where 2 or more sizes can still be ordered. Colours are still usually 3 or 4 choices.

However, there have been improvements in how frames are made with more modern materials and manufacturing. Frames can be made lighter than ever before and still be very strong. Titanium and newer lighter plastics have proven to be excellent frame material.

Years ago, it wasn’t possible to combine the materials the way it is done today. Colours on metal frames is much more durable now because of technological innovations. Modern frames made by reputable manufacturers are now stronger, lighter and with modern manufacturing exciting new designs can be made.

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