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Custom-made vs Drug Store Readers

You just received your first prescription for reading glasses. The first step is to take a deep breath! You may feel like your doctor has just sentenced you to old age, but take heart! The muscles in your eyes are simply getting slightly weaker and less elastic. This is a normal part of life. Now you need to decide whether to buy drug store reading glasses or a customized pair.

This will partly depend on your prescription. If you have astigmatism, pre-made readers won’t give you very sharp vision. If you order a custom pair we can center the lenses directly in front of your pupils which allows for a more precise image. If you already have a high minus prescription for distance, you’ll need custom made readers because generic ones only come in plus powers. If you don’t plan to wear your glasses very often, a drug store pair might be more cost effective. On the other hand, getting custom made glasses allows you to have thinner lenses for added comfort and anti-reflective coating for sharper vision. Your frame choices will be more varied when purchasing a custom pair as well. Stop in today and ask us which option might suit you best.

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