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Don't touch your face!

By now we’re all getting used to the new normal of social distancing and face masks. There is currently limited information on the possible transmission of coronavirus through the eyes but it does seem possible. Like other colds and flues, Covid-19 can be acquired when mucous membranes in the mouth and nose are exposed to the virus. This also seems to be true of the eyes, although to a lesser extent. This is where eyewear comes in. Glasses not only block possible contaminants from entering your eyes, they also stop you from inadvertently touching your eyes. We’ve all been told over and over again, “Don’t touch your face!” A pair of glasses or sunglasses can go a long way in stopping you from doing this.

If you don’t wear glasses and are in a high-risk environment at work, we can supply you with safety eyewear that wraps nicely to protect your eyes. Healthcare workers or anyone working closely with the public can benefit from the added protection of eyewear.

You can find more information at this article on WebMD.

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