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Eyeglass Hygiene

Updated: May 8, 2020

In this ever-changing age of viruses and pandemics, cleanliness is very important. Every day we see glasses in varying degrees of repair and cleanliness. There are many cracks and crevices on a pair of glasses where oil, makeup and dirt can accumulate. These glasses sit mere millimetres from your face and can harbor bacteria.

It's very important to clean your glasses on a regular basis, and we don’t mean only the lenses. Most people overlook the frame around the lenses and especially the nosepads. The easiest way to keep your glasses clean is to run them under lukewarm water with a bit of liquid dish soap, using your fingers to gently clean the lenses and an old soft toothbrush to scrub around the lenses and nosepads. Don’t forget the temples which sit behind your ears.

We appreciate if your glasses are clean before coming in for an adjustment. We want to make sure it is sanitary and safe for everyone. Let’s be smart about eyeglass hygiene.

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