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Lenses: More than Meets the Eye

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

New technology is all around us, and that includes your eyeglass lenses. These days we can offer a lot more than regular anti-glare and scratch coating.

All Zeiss branded lenses now come with full UV protection. Zeiss is the first company in the world to take this important step in eye protection. The UV protection will not affect the look of your lenses, but you'll rest assured that you're protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. Look for the Zeiss logo as pictured above to see if your lenses are made by Zeiss.

| All Zeiss branded lenses come with full UV protection.

One of our favourite new products are Zeiss Drivesafe lenses. These lenses combine a special anti-reflective coating with freeform technology to allow for the best vision while driving. The coating helps reduce glare from bright LED headlights, and allows for better viewing in rainy, nighttime or low light conditions. The lens design itself gives you a larger intermediate zone so that viewing your dash and side mirrors is easier and more comfortable. You can even wear these all day long, at home or in the office. So far the feedback has been great!

High frequency blue light is all around us, coming off our electronic devices such as smartphones and computer monitors. We spend hours a day staring at screens which affects our body's ability to fall asleep at night, plus we're not even aware of the risks it may pose down the road. Blue light filtering lens coating is a good step in protecting your eyes. They're quite comfortable in fluorescent lights and when working on a computer, yet can be used all day and in any situation.

With smartphones in mind, Zeiss has developed a new lens that combines the blue light filtering technology with a near zone to allow for more comfortable viewing in today's technology driven world. Looking down at the small font on mobile devices fatigues the eyes. The Zeiss Digital lens helps you combat digital eye strain by incorporating variable near power which relaxes your eye muscles. At the end of a long day your eyes will feel more relaxed.

Self-tinting lenses are still a popular choice if you don't want a second pair of sunglasses. Zeiss Photofusion lenses come in a few new colours. In addition to the usual brown and grey, they've added Pioneer Green, Blue and Extra Grey which is a good choice if you want extra dark lenses that work a little better in your vehicle or in warm climates.

As you can see there are a lot of choices out there. Don't be let down by your glasses. They can do a lot to improve your vision and your day to day life.

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