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Office Lenses

Is your neck getting sore after working long hours on a computer? Are your eyes more fatigued than normal? A computer screen is placed at what we call intermediate distance, which means you very likely need a task specific pair of glasses to get optimal vision. If you’re wearing progressives and trying to see the screen clearly, there is only a small portion in your lens that is optimized for that distance, forcing you to move your head around uncomfortably looking for the perfect spot.

This is where the Zeiss Office Lens comes in. This lens is designed to make viewing objects at intermediate and near distance easier. In other words, clear vision on your computer. These lenses do not have far distance vision and instead move the intermediate vision up to the top of the lens. This makes viewing a computer screen more comfortable. Office lenses are similar to a progressive in that they also have a reading zone near the bottom of the lens for near work such as books or paperwork.

Recent developments have allowed office lenses to be even more nuanced. We now have 3 versions of the office lens. The Office Room allows you to see across the room, as well as the computer and reading. The Office Desk gives you a clear view up to 7 feet away such as a person sitting across from your desk. A third option is for the individual more interested in up close activities such computer screens and books.

Another feature of an effective office lens is the coating. Zeiss Blue Protect anti-reflective coating reduces blue light emitted from fluorescent lighting and computer screens. This coating can be added to your lenses for the same cost as a regular anti-reflective coating.

Of course the last thing to consider when buying office glasses if your frame. Whether conservative or trendy, we’ve got the perfect frame for both functionality and style.

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