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Thank You All

We have come through an experience that has never happened in all the years we have been open. We were given the opportunity to pause, some people say nature sent us for a time out.

Regardless of how you view the past few months, it has been difficult but there were many opportunities presented as well. Firstly, we would like to thank our loyal clients that have supported us during the past number of years. This pause has given us the opportunity to reflect on the people who return to us each year, how we have had the opportunity to see them grow into adulthood and then they bring their children to us. It means a lot to us that we have had this opportunity to develop this type of relationship and trust with so many people. As we prepared to re-open, we researched the best ways to prevent the transmission of the virus. We have many clients who are in the high-risk category and we wanted to ensure that everyone was safe. This research resulted in us putting into our protocols new methods of doing business. Change is a way of life but sometimes people resist change. Our clients have been overwhelmingly supportive of the changes in how we do business and it is reassuring that our clients are so supportive. So, I guess we are saying thank you. The future is unknown, will there be another out break and will we have to close our doors again? We are hoping that this doesn't happen but preparing for the chance that it does happen. One thing we learned from the sudden closing of our doors in March is that having email addresses helped us notify clients of our closing and when and how they could pick up their glasses. So we will be asking for an alternative way to contact you in addition to your phone number. During the past closing we were open on a request basis for emergencies. Should we have to close our business again, we will be available for emergencies. We are open to your suggestions. If you see something we could be doing better, please feel free to bring it to our attention. We have tried to see the changes in how we do business from the client's eye. Our door handles, railings, frames, tables etc are sanitized after each use. We wear masks and the plexiglass is in place to ensure safety. But, if we could be doing more, please let us know. We are so glad to be open again and having an opportunity to provide a service to you. We enjoy making you see and look your best.

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