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What is Mazzucchelli plastic?

Not all glasses are created equal, and this includes everything right down to the plastic they are made from. Cellulose acetate is the cotton based plastic used in many of the finest eyeglasses. One of the foremost manufacturers of cellulose acetate is Mazzucchelli, an Italian based company, established 1849. You will find Mazzucchelli plastics in brands such as Seraphin, Tom Ford, Bellinger and l.a. eyeworks. The material is easy to work with and holds its shape and colour much longer than inferior plastics which can get brittle and fade. Cellulose acetate has colour throughout the material, allowing for enless patterns and textures. You also won't get colour "rubbing off" or peeling. You can really feel the difference when you hold and wear a frame made with cellulose acetate. Take a closer look at how this material is made.

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