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Why are my glasses crooked?

We get asked this question a lot.

The easy answer starts with a question to our client, how do you take your glasses off your face?

Most people show us by using one hand to remove their glasses. Using one hand to remove your glasses puts stress on one temple but not the other. Over time the stressed temple starts to loosen and becomes unable to keep the glasses on your face the way they were designed to do.

Once your glasses move, your ability to see clearly is affected. The lenses are designed to be in a specific spot to give you maximum correction for your vision. That is why the Optician spends time measuring where your pupils are, to ensure that the corrective part of the lenses is in the exact spot it needs to be.

So, to ensure you have the best vision, try to take your glasses off with two hands. The more you take care of your glasses the longer you will have a pair of glasses that improves your vision.

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