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Your First Progressive and What to Expect

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

As we age our ability to read small print diminishes. This is a normal part of the aging process. In other words, everyone will eventually need reading glasses or progressives. In the past, progressive technology was not as developed and many people had trouble adapting to their new eyewear. This is not the case anymore and there is no need to be afraid when your optometrist mentions progressives. Advances in technology have allowed for much clearer lenses with a larger field of view and faster adaptation time.

When you first bring in your prescription we will discuss the various options available to you.

Progressives are the most popular choice for people who need a prescription for distance as well as reading. There is no need to take your glasses off and on for each task because the lenses will allow you to see at most distances comfortably. Also, there are no lines on the lenses like bifocals so they look like single vision lenses.

After you choose a frame we’ll do a number of measurements so that your lenses sit in front of your eyes properly and allow the best possible vision. When you come back to pick them up we will again check that the glasses are sitting correctly on your face because that can affect how you see. Most people find they adapt to their new lenses very quickly, although occasionally it can take a few days. If you’re still having trouble after a week or so it is a good idea to come in to the store so that we can make any necessary adjustments.

Remember, you no longer need to be frightened of the word “progressive”. Come in and talk to us about how we can make your life easier with a new pair of progressive lenses.

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